StephMyLife Lightroom Editing Tutorials

Create beautiful photos using just your smartphone.


My tutorials will show you how everything you need to know about editing your beach, sunset, and selfie photos using both free and paid apps. I’ll show you how to use Lightroom to transform your photos, and how to save your own presets to cut down on editing time.

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About StephMyLife Editing Tutorials

These online tutorials will help you take your photo editing skills to the next level using just your smartphone. You’ll learn how to use Lightroom to edit your selfies and portrait photos and make yourself look amazing.

Learn how to use Lightroom and a few other apps to create stunning sunset, beach, and selfie photos. 

Whether your photos are taken on your phone, or on a camera, I’ll help you to edit them to make them pop.


About the tutorials

You’ll have access to all of my editing tutorials so you can learn everything you need to now about editing your travel photos and selfies. Learn all of the tips I use for editing, and become an expert at using the colour and light panels in Lightroom to completely transform your photos.

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Beach Editing Tutorial

Whiten sand, tone those ocean blues, make your tan pop, and learn how to remove people and unwanted things from your photos. This course will teach you how to use the Lightroom app to take your beach photos to the next level and stand out online.

Edit 1: Blues & Whites: Work with colour tones and hues to control how sand and sea look in your beach photos. Learn which hues and tones work best in beach photos – and find out some common mistakes you shouldn’t make. Discover how to make you look really tanned in your photos and remove any sunburn from your body. Also learn how to crop and compose your photo.

Edit 2: Viewpoints: Learn how to edit photos overlooking the sea. Find out how to make yourself stand out when there is a lot going on in a photo. Discover how to edit green, grassy tones so that they don’t clash with the sea. Use selective editing to make your hair or clothes stand out in your photos – perfect for fashion bloggers.

Edit 3: Water tutorial: Learn how to make any water look crisp and blue. Find out how to easily remove seaweed or other unwanted items in your photo. The overall effect is a crisp, clear blue sea that you want to jump straight into.


Sunset Editing Tutorial

Learn how to use Lightroom to work with colour tones and light to completely transform your sunset photos. We’ll be editing two different sunset photographs in this tutorial and learning how to work with the light and colour controls in Lightroom.

Edit 1:  Golden Hour: Learn how to lift shadows and see yourself clearly in a sunset photo without washing out the colours from the sky. This tutorial is focused on the light panel in Lightroom, learning how each of the controls work to bring out the detail in your photos.

Edit 2: Intense Sunset: Work with the colour panel to soften the colours in a harsh sunset. Learn how to tone the different colours  in your sunset and make them blend well together.  Use selective edits to bring you or your outfit more into focus –  even if you’re in the shade. Learn how to remove unwanted items from your photos in Lightroom.

I’ll show you how to save the completed edits as Lightroom presets that you can use over and over again to edit your sunset photos quickly and easily.


Selfie Editing Tutorial

Learn how to make your skin glow, eyes pop, hair shine and body look great by editing the light and colour tones in your picture.  We’ll be editing three different photographs in this tutorial and learning how to work with the light and colour controls in Lightroom.

Edit 1: Head & shoulders portrait: Learn how to use light and colour to tone down the background in your selfies and portrait photos to make yourself pop into the forefront. Find out the colour tones you should be working with to make your skin glow.

Edit 2: Full body bikini photo. Learn how to use light to make your body look great in your photos, without resorting to any slimming or smoothing apps. Find out how to get rid of tan lines and sunburn in the colour panel, and how to tone down distractions from your photo.

Edit 3: An up close selfie. Learn the right way to use the Facetune app, making small changes without washing out your features. Find out how to fix flyaways, remove blemishes and make your features pop.

These tutorials are for;

  • Instagram users that want to get more followers and likes, or get their photos featured on big follow accounts.
  • Content creators that want to create better quality content for clients.
  • Bloggers that want to create stunning pictures for their website.
  • Photography enthusiasts that want to learn how to make their photos even better.
  • Keen travellers or backpackers that want to make their holiday photos look like works of art.

In these guided tutorials I will take you through my editing process from start to finish using the mobile apps I use for my Instagram posts. I’ll provide you with the before photo and we’ll edit together so you can get hands-on experience in how to use Lightroom.

I’ll show you how to save down your edits as Lightroom presets so that you can use them over and over again to edit your photos quickly and easily.

What you’ll get:

  • An introduction video that will give you some important information you need to know about editing on mobile.
  • A  guided tutorial videos in which we edit 2-3 photos from start to finish.
  • The before photos we’re going to edit in each tutorial.

What you need for these tutorials:

  • Your mobile phone
  • Adobe Lightroom CC app ( iOS/ Android)
  • That’s it!