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StephMyLife Australia Travel Guides


If you are currently in Australia and want to travel, or are planning a trip there in future, these guides will help you to plan your travels. There are 26 pages of guides in the bundle, which help you plan trips along the east coast of Australia, down the famous Great Ocean Road, and to Western Australia. I am making these guides available for a limited time as I have had so many travel planning requests for Australia recently, but my travel planning service is temporarily suspended due to COVID.

The main travel guide is for the east coast of Australia, taking you on a trip that runs from Sydney to Cairns or visa versa, with transport tips, accommodation options, and suggestions of what to do.

Along with this guide, you will get two mini guides for Victoria and Western Australia. There is more detail in the long description below if you want to know what is covered!

In the guides you will find:

  • 3 itineraries that take you along the east coast of Australia
  • An itinerary for the Great Ocean Road (including Melbourne)
  • Day and overnight trips from Perth
  • Transport options along the coast by car, camper, bus, or plane
  • A breakdown of driving times between each stop along with ways to reduce this
  • Accommodation options with prices and links
  • Links for tours and packages for places like the Whitsundays
  • Suggestions to make the trip cheaper
  • General tips for travelling in Australia
  • Backpacker friendly accommodation

If you are in Australia right now and want to travel, please follow all safety rules in your state and stay safe and healthy while you travel!



East Coast Australia Guide

This guide is 18 pages long and contains 3 potential itineraries  from  Sydney to Cairns or the other way around. It outlines 11 potential stops you can make along the route, so you can use the guide to plan a full route along the coast or to plan shorter mini trips to each stop.

The contains the following information:

  • Transport advice – how to rent a car, get a camper, get a bus, join a tour, or book flights
  • Driving times – outlines how long it takes to get between stops (also offers way to cut down on times)
  • How to get between each stop
  • Accommodation at each stop (with links and prices – it tends to be more budget to mid range accommodation rather than expensive)
  • Things to do at each stop
  • Tips for saving money
  • Tips for saving time and seeing a lot

Great Ocean Road Guide

This mini guide is 5 pages long and includes 4 stops that you can make along the route over 4 nights.  The guide gives you information on:

  • Things to do and places to stay in Melbourne.
  • Tips for car rental for the trip.
  • How to get between each stop, what to do there, and where to stay.


Western Australia Guide

This mini guide is 3 pages long and gives you options for trips you can take from Perth. Some of these trips will require a car, but there are options for how to do others without a car too.  There are 5 different places outlined in the guide to give you a little inspiration for a trip to western Australia.



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