Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail in Krabi, Thailand

by stephmylifetravel

The Tab Kak Hang Nak nature trail is by far the most stunning hike in Thailand. If you make it to the top on a clear day you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the rugged Krabi landscape. Best of all it’s totally off the main tourist trail! No tour buses or public transportation go there so it’s perfect for a way to get off the beaten track and into nature.

My Instagram inbox exploded with questions when I posted about this trek. Not many people had heard of it before and wanted to know all about it. We had finally found something in Thailand that wasn’t a popular tourist attraction! Success!!

I still get a lot of people messaging me so I thought I would write it all here so that you guys can try the hike for yourselves. I absolutely promise you that if you are into nature, photography or hiking you will want to do this trek. I’ve still not found anything that compares to it.


How to get to the Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail?

A viewpoint on the way to the top

A viewpoint on the way to the top

The trail starts around 30km from Krabi town or 18km from Ao Nang. It should take around 30 minutes each way and the roads are in good condition with little traffic.

You will need to arrange your own transport to get here as local buses and tours don’t tend to go here. Scooters can be arranged for between 150 and 200THB per day in Krabi or Ao Nang town. If you would prefer not to driver and have a bigger budget you can hire a private tuk tuk or taxi for the day.

If you decide to opt for a taxi or tuk tuk, be sure to get the driver to wait for you to finish. This hike is in a remote location so you won’t be able to hail another ride home


How much to Budget

Making our way through the jungle

Making our way through the jungle


There is no cost for doing the trail, but there is a donation box for the park rangers who will be there to help you out with directions when you first arrive. We gave 50THB each.

Scooters cost between 150 and 200 THB (£3.50 – £5) per day plus gas and you can usually rent them directly from your accommodation or they can recommend where to get one.

A Tuk Tuk or taxi will cost a lot more – I’d guess north of 1000 THB (£25) for the day.


What To Bring With You

Bring a lot of water, and some snacks to keep your energy levels up. It might be a good idea to bring a packed lunch to eat at the top. Your guesthouse should be able to prepare this for you if you ask them in advance!

Pack a good bug spray in your day bag and wear a high factor sun cream as parts of the hike are in the open sunshine. Oh and bring antiseptic cream & plasters in case of any falls.  


What to Wear For The Hike

You definitely don’t need hiking boots for this trek, but it would be tough to do it in flip flops. Best to wear trainers and comfortable workout clothes.

I wore my Adidas trainers, shorts and a workout vest and this was fine. The hike gets really hot and humid in parts, so make sure your clothes are breathable and light.

Taking in the views

Taking in the views

The Best Time To Do The Tab Kak Hang Nak Hike

The best time to do the hike is during the dry season, between November and April. Check out my post ‘When to visit Thailand’ to find out more about the weather in the region.

I imagine this hike would be quite dangerous in the rainy season as it’s very steep and muddy in areas, so I would advise against going then.

Start the trek as early as you can in order to beat the afternoon heat. We left at around 9am and started the trek at 9:30am. Please make sure you’re not coming down in the dark as it’s a tricky terrain and you might slip – plus it would be really creepy! Check your weather app for sunset times before you go.

How long does it take?

It’s around a 1.5-2 hour hike each way but leave lots of extra time to stop for photos. Give yourself 5-6 hours total from leaving your accommodation till getting back.

You do not want to rush this hike, so take your time and soak in the views. There are so many gorgeous viewpoints before you reach the main one at the top.

How fit do I need to be?

You’ll need a moderate level of fitness to do this hike. It’s not super tough but there are no paved paths so you’re climbing up tree roots and rocks for a lot of it. They have recently added some wooden stairs and decking, which have made it easier to get to the top.

Some reviews I read online made it sound a lot tougher than it really was, but you just need to be relatively fit and have plenty of food to snack on and you’ll be fine!

The climb was worth it for this

The climb was worth it for this

What To Expect

Epic viewpoint aside, there are so many things I loved about this hike. You feel a bit like Indiana Jones at times – you’re climbing across tree roots in the jungle, with the sounds of the different birds and insects coming from the trees. We only met 4 or 5 other hikers on the way up and down so we mostly hiked on our own and it was really peaceful.

We’ve done so many hikes across Asia over the past few years but this one is so memorable because we really felt like we had the place to ourselves. What you don’t see in most of my hiking pictures are the queue of tourists behind me waiting to get their photo taken. It can spoil the experience a bit – especially when they’re dropping plastic wrappers and bottles all over the trail, but that’s a whole other issue. There was none of this on the Tab Kak Hang Nak trail and that’s what I just loved the most! Grab your other half, your travel buddy, or even a new friend from your hostel and hit the trail for a beautiful day escaping into nature. I promise you will love it!!

Thanks for reading!


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